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It is important for you to know, which paving will be best for you. Each type of material has different characteristics and styles. Some are hard-wearing, others have a wide variety of colours and often the end of one item may be Different. LD Paving provides you Paving Wigan to make sure your needs are fulfilled.

If gardening is your hobby, your choice will be different from the person who will use his garden for recreation. It is important to know the differences between each type of stone to make the right choice for your paving project.

Closure of Natural Stone

There are many types of gemstones available, but paving Wigan believes that there is nothing better than natural stone when you decide to work with it. It has been 1000s years old since many modern world miracles were created. It lasts for YEARS and will certainly last forever if it is of good quality.

Colours in natural stone are produced on earth and not by man-made processes so the results are very difficult to replicate by hand and eye.

Natural stone is often considered to be a higher product than its concrete counterpart for many reasons:

  • It grows better over time.
  • The colours are subtle and varied.
  • Frost resistance is more than concrete.
  • Easy to clean.

Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs

This is the most popular imported item on the market. Due to its wide range of colours, earthy finish and general availability, Indian sandstone paving slabs are a very popular material to work with.

Limestone Slabs Slabs

It is not the same as sandstone, limestone is an imported sedimentary rock made up of small particles naturally formed underground.

A small difference in geology is a basic thing that binds small grains together under pressure – it is a combination of silicon and lime rather than pure silicon that creates differences in color and texture

The main difference, apparently, between limestone and sandstone is colour consistency. Sandstone is composed of a variety of colours that are grouped, and the stones are made of a durable compound.

The letters are more consistent with colour and as a result, it is easier to create an unobtrusive spot in the eye with a soft colour scheme.

Slate Paving Slabs

The colour palette of slate tablets is usually subtle and beautiful. Dark blue is a colour formed underground for over 1000 years and is very difficult to reproduce naturally. The hidden blues inside the stone attract the eye. Even the imperfections of some slabs are impressive – the rustic slate ranges have layers of copper and metal that form a stone and simply cannot be repeated by hand.

Brazilian slate paving slabs

Slate is slightly different from sandstone and limestone. Both sandstone and limestone are sedimentary rocks formed from grains, while slate is a metamorphic rock made of a layer.

The above differences affect the use and composition of the sheets. Slide forms on more sheets where the pressure on the crust of the crust compresses the minerals into uniform layers.

Because of the layers, the most important thing to remember is to buy a sliding scale regularly.

Granite Paving Slabs

Granite is a very different rock. The only missing stone we have is that it is very far away and lasts a long time. The surface of the open granite stones can come in many colours.

Because granite is hard, it cuts cleanly. Granite paving slabs come with six sides of sawn and earth finish such as glow or leak to give a more immersive look.

Granite forms arise from the crystallization of magma under the earth’s surface and mainly consist of quartz and feldspar. Both of these minerals – especially quartz – are extremely durable and are the very ones that give granite its amazing complexity.

Granite painted the plates

Granite composition can be anything from 65% -90% feldspar and 10% -60% quartz. There is quite a difference in texture so it results in a great variety of colours and finishes.

Granite has the lowest porosity of all our stones – it starts at about 0.2% porosity. It means that water cannot penetrate the granite. In addition, it is extremely stable in temperature, so it does not show any temperature change.

Many synthetic materials can be made with these slabs, and as a result, there are different slabs that may be suitable for different projects.

We hope this has made it clear what each type of stone can be used for and what could be the best option for you and your project. You should choose paving Wigan for paving services as our experts know which type of paving will be best for your place.


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